emission lines

emission lines
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  • emission lines — /əˈmɪʃən laɪnz/ (say uh mishuhn luynz) plural noun → emission bands …  

  • Emission spectroscopy — is a spectroscopic technique which examines the wavelengths of photons emitted by atoms or molecules during their transition from an excited state to a lower energy state. Each element emits a characteristic set of discrete wavelengths according… …   Wikipedia

  • Emission spectrum — The emission spectrum of a chemical element or chemical compound is the spectrum of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the element s atoms or the compound s molecules when they are returned to a lower energy state. Each element s …   Wikipedia

  • Emission (electromagnetic radiation) — In physics, emission is the process by which the energy of a photon is released by another entity, for example, by an atom whose electrons make a transition between two electronic energy levels. The emitted energy is in the form of a photon. The… …   Wikipedia

  • emission bands — /əˈmɪʃən bændz/ (say uh mishuhn bandz) plural noun the dark bands in an emission spectrum indicating specific wavelengths of light which have been emitted. Also, emission lines …  

  • Emission theory (vision) — Emission theory or extramission theory is the proposal that visual perception is accomplished by rays of light emitted by the eyes. This theory has been replaced by intromission theory, which is that visual perception is accomplished by rays of… …   Wikipedia

  • Emission Aware Programming — Emission Sources= Emission considerations require the evaluation of many details such as the clock frequencies and switching rates which are related to the oscillator. Rise/fall times and signal harmonics are related to the output driver. The… …   Wikipedia

  • forbidden lines — ▪ physics       in astronomical spectroscopy, bright emission lines in the spectra of certain nebulae (H II regions (H II region)), not observed in the laboratory spectra of the same gases, because on Earth the gases cannot be rarefied… …   Universalium

  • Atomic emission spectroscopy — (AES) is a method of chemical analysis that uses the intensity of light emitted from a flame, plasma, arc, or spark at a particular wavelength to determine the quantity of an element in a sample. The wavelength of the atomic spectral line gives… …   Wikipedia

  • MCELS (Magellanic Cloud Emission-line Survey) — The Magellanic Cloud Emission Line Survey (MCELS) is a joint project of Cerro Tololo Inter American Observatory (Chile) and the University of Michigan using the CTIO Curtis/Schmidt Telescope. The main goal of the project is to trace the ionized… …   Wikipedia

  • Field electron emission — It is requested that a diagram or diagrams be included in this article to improve its quality. For more information, refer to discussion on this page and/or the listing at Wikipedia:Requested images. Field emission (FE) (also known as field… …   Wikipedia

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